Based on the last 2 videos from Evolve Skateboard there were more and more rumours recently that a new electric skateboard should be expected very soon.

We got hold of insider information with pictures and videos of 2 new models from Evolve.

Evolve Bamboo GT Dragster for more speed
Evolve Bamboo GT Dragster for more speed

One is called the “Bamboo GT Dragster”. An electric Skateboard designed for maximum acceleration and speed. The other one is called the “Carbon GT Extreme“

Evolve Skateboard: The Bamboo GT Dragster

A dragster is a specialized competition automobile used in drag racing which has usually 1 or 2 very large rear wheels. The same is true for the new electric skateboard from Evolve. It has street wheels in the front and AT wheels at the rear.

Evolve Skateboard
Evolve Skateboard: Bamboo GT Dragster

Due to the grade of the deck you get more stability while accelerating because you get pressed into the deck. The back tires at the rear give stability and are more effective for braking from high speeds.

The Carbon GT Extreme

The second new electric skateboard from Evolve is designed for E-Boarders who need more grip for shredding in the dirt, jumps and other extreme manoeuvres. It has bindings which will keep your feet on the board.

Evolve Carbon GT Extreme Offroad
Evolve Carbon GT Extreme Offroad with bindings

But be careful, it is much more dangerous to ride electric skateboards with bindings.

Evolve Skateboard summary

Evolve Skateboard continues to come up with new boards for its fans. The “Evolve One” was just released a few weeks ago as a board for almost half of the price. A good board for starters.

The new “Bamboo GT Dragster” and the “Carbon GT Extreme” are positioned for extreme riders, who either like speed or who want to go off-road big time. We think this is a great move.

Evolve Carbon GT Extreme
Evolve Carbon GT Extreme

So far we were not able to get any information about the price and shipping date, but we will let you know once this information is available.

See more pictures of the 2 Evolve Skateboards in our PICTURE SECTION and a video in our VIDEO SECTION.


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Evolve Skateboards battery pack. Were you also looking for a Evolve battery pack to extend the range of your Carbon GT or Bamboo GT? Well, you may finally be happy.

Other electric skateboards were offering swappable battery packs since a while and the Evolve community was looking for a long time for such a feature for Bamboo GT and Carbon GT. Now you can finally swap your battery within 60 seconds.


And even more! You can now change your wheels, your deck and the remote control just on the fly.

There are multiple setups possible: Street, All Terrain, Bamboo deck and Carbon deck.

The price tag and also the weight might be an issue for some of you. But hey, isn’t it great to extend your range up to 100%?

BATTERY PACK Evolve Skateboards
BATTERY PACK Evolve Skateboards

You get the set from the Evolve website from today for around 1,500 USD to 2,200 USD depending on the setup. The set comes with a complete Evolve Skateboard, a backpack and a remote control.

Evolve Skateboards battery pack – summary


– double your range
– remote control replacement
– Change your wheels on the fly
– Change your deck on the fly


– high price tag
– heavy weight.

You can order the set on the Evolve Website.

Please also watch our video about the Evolve swappable battery packs in our video section.

Check the differences between the setups in our electric skateboard comparison.



How to build a DIY Electric Skateboard (Do It Yourself) without using a ready to buy conversion kit like from Mellowboards or Onan?

We meet Nico from Berlin at the E-Boarder Meeting in Berlin Tempelhof in April 2017. He came by with his DIY Electric Skateboard which made 32 mph on the runway.

Elektric Skateboarder Nico
Elektric Skateboarder Nico with his DIY Electric Skateboard

He sent us some pictures and a component list for his DIY conversion kit. You have to pay about 320 to 420 USD depending on the battery power. In addition you need a board (which you probably have) and to pay for the 3D printing, which is inexpensive as you can read in our Hyperboard article.

DIY electric skateboard
DIY electric skateboard based on a Loaded Longboard

Nico was kind enough to share his DIY electric skateboard – component list, which gives you exact details which parts he used. The list is in German, but should still be self explaining.

For a brushless outrunner motor with 1,885 watt you have to pay about 80 USD und for the batteries depending on the performance 50-150 EUR. Nico build the batteries, so that they can be easily replaced.

electric skateboard battery packs
DIY electric skateboard battery packs

In addition your need some mechanical parts for your own conversion kit. You will find the details in the list above.

Remote control

The remote control is printed in a 3D Printer and has next to the transmitter an OLED LCD display as well as switches to control the speed of your board. We had the chance to ride Nico’s longboard at the E-Boarder Meeting and it is very well accelerating and makes (as said above) 32 mph. This is pretty fast.

electric skateboard remote control
electric skateboard remote control

You will find more pics of Nico’s board in our ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD PICTURES section and a video from the E-Boarder meeting in our VIDEOS section. Just look for the fastest board 😉

You can actually contact Nico through his Facebook Page at facebook.com/occino. He was kind enough to offer that you can ask questions.

Thanks a lot, Nico!!


In our Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger review we compared the standard electric skateboard battery charger with the advanced Super Fast Battery Charger.

Next to the price difference from 89 USD to 39 USD we first realised that the size of the Super Fast Battery Charger is about 50% bigger.

Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger Review
Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger Review

Otherwise the chargers look the same and the LED has the same function. Red is charging and green is charged.

While the standard charger provides 2 Ampere at 42 Volt the Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger provides 4 Ampere at 42 Volt. The power consumption is at 100-240 Volt at 2 Ampere versus 2.5 Ampere at the Super Fast Battery Charger.

More technical details on the pictures below from the backside of the chargers.

Electric Skateboard Super Fast Battery Charger
Electric Skateboard Super Fast Battery Charger

With the double Ampere output we found the Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger is charging 80-90% faster while both are heating up the same way. Both get pretty warm, but not hot.

Super Fast Battery Charger
Super Fast Battery Charger

If you want to invest the additional 40 USD really depends on you. If you ride several times a day it is certainly a good investment.

We hope our Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger review was helpful for you.

For more information visit the Evolve website.


Sune Pedersen (CTO & Founder) at Faraday Motion who is software engineer started to develop a 3D printed electric skateboard 3 years ago in Copenhagen. His start up is now based in Berlin.

While you can buy complete boards (AKA Hyperboard) the idea is to customise your board. The first production run (50 units) of the Hyperboard is sold out and was mainly to receive feedback from the community.

CTO Sune Pedersen from Faraday Motion
CTO Sune Pedersen from Faraday Motion

Faraday Motion is selling components like motors, batteries, software etc. and gives the community the opportunity to modify or create new components for the modular system. These developments are shared over the web, so that all members have access to them. It is like Open Source for electric skateboard developers.

The 3D printed electric skateboard is very flexible. As an example you can accelerate, or reduce the speed either with an app, sensors on the board or a remote control. It’s all software, Sune said. While other manufacturers have fixed modes for SLOW, ECO and FAST, the Hyperboard can be tuned by the community.

3D printed electric skateboard
2 examples of the 3D printed electric skateboard

3D printed electric skateboard made easy

The first prototypes were based on the ONDA Vibe Longboard. With different components like battery and motor cases from the 3D printer you build an electric skateboard. The user decides how much battery power he needs on board or if he wants to add other features like lights.

Nowadays it is relatively easy to get access to a 3D printer. Many workplaces offer a monthly subscription to use their printers starting at 20 USD.

The beauty of the community model is that once a user has developed for example a GoPro Mount and shared it, that you just download the files and can print it yourself. For almost nothing.

Electric skateboard built from 3d printer components
Electric skateboard built from 3d printer components

It is very easy to tune your board with the printed components. Additional battery packs for example can be used to let it look like a racing go-kart. Sune likes sports cars and you can see this in his design. The board actually makes up to 44 mph.

When I tried the board I needed to get used to the 7″co-polymer wheels but they offer a wide range on multiple terrains. The Hyperboard was smooth in accelerating and reducing the speed.

I used the iPhone app to ride 3 different Hyperboards and it worked pretty well. A strap on the iPhone protector held it safe in my hand and just by turning the smartphone you control the speed.

Faraday Motion remote control app
Faraday Motion remote control app

The Faraday Motion team is just working on the second generation of their board and we can expect a Kickstarter campaign later this year. Sune and his team could also win a well known skateboard brand, which is looking for an electric skateboard kit developed by them.

In our videos section you will find a short film about the boards.

For more information visit the Faraday website.


If you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard our Yuneec E-Go review might be helpful for you. With a price of 500 USD you will get a complete electric longboard for 25% of the price compared to the top models.

Our Yuneec E-Go review includes an unboxing video and test ride video at the end of the article.

Yuneec E-Go review
Electric skateboard Yuneec E-Go review

The electric Skateboard from Yuneec ships pre-assembled with bluetooth remote control, power supply, cables, a sticker set and a universal tool.

The pairing of the remote control looked pretty complicated, but was successful at the first try. You can also find a free app called “E-Go Cruiser” on the app store which connects directly with the Yuneec E-Go skateboard.

cheap electric skateboard
Good option, if you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard

The remote control gives you an indication of battery power for the board itself and the remote control by blinking in different colours. You need to get used to it. See the sticker on the remote below.

The slider for acceleration is handy, the acceleration is smooth, but the braking comes with a delay and could be stronger.

You can easily switch from ECO to SPORT mode, which changes the power / acceleration of the board. However, if you want to switch between SLOW (up to 8 mph) to and FAST (up to 12.5 mph) you need a special pin tool, which you can see in the remote picture above.

battery status E-Go
battery status E-Go

a cheap electric skateboard for beginners

The Yuneec E-Go has only one motor at the left rear wheel which serves you with 400 watt power. The top speed of 12.5 mph was easily achieved in our Yuneec E-Go review (rider had 198 pounds) and the acceleration was good. We had fun at our test ride.

The charging time is listed as 3-5 hours (took 5 hours for us) which should bring you up to 18 miles under best conditions. With our riding style we achieved 9 miles., which is reasonable for the price point and weight.

electric skateboard motor
electric skateboard motor

The board is just 14 pounds and the deck has a reasonable quality, the wheels are , …, okay. The protection of the USB port is bad, but we recommend anyways not to ride on wet streets.

Yuneec E-Go review summary:

The Yuneec E-Go is a cheap electric skateboard which however let’s you enjoy your electric ride. It is probably a good choice for beginners or as a backup board. We have to see how the board is doing over a long time and may update the review at a later time.

for price

for quality and design

for flexibility

for remote control and app support

for speed and acceleration

Manufacturer Link: Yuneec: www.yuneec.com

Last but not least our 2 videos for the unboxing and test ride.

The test ride video does not come with any cuts or background music, because we want you to give a feeling about the acceleration and motor sound. The video is showing an advanced rider which is riding the board the first time in FAST and SPORT mode.

Yuneec E-Go unboxing (german) & test ride video:

(You may only the see videos at the detail page of the article which you find here: http://e-boarder.com/en/yuneec-e-go-review/)

Yuneec E Go Testfahrt by E Boarder YouTube play
Yuneec E Go ausgepackt Unboxing deutsch YouTube play


If you want to ride an unique electric skateboard which perfectly fits to your weight, riding skills and style, we suggest you look into an “electric skateboard kit” also called “electric skateboard conversion kit”.

While there are some cheap kits available on the web, we are only looking at high class electric skateboard conversion kits in this article.

electric skateboard kit
electric skateboard kit X3 ONAN from Funky Drive

The reason why we are only looking into the advanced electric skateboard conversion kits is that the price is depending on the quality of the motor, battery, remote control and how well they fit together. If you use cheap components, you will very fast feel the frustration of lack of power, speed, distance and usability.

electric skateboard conversion kit price

We found 2 promising kits which are selling between 700 and 1,700 USD. So as you can see price is not the point as you will get complete electric skateboards for this price.

There is the Kickstarter project Mellowboards from Hamburg which charges 1,700 USD and the Funky Drive team with its X3 ONAN which sells for 700 USD.

electric skateboard conversion kit
electric skateboard conversion kit from Mellowboards

The X3 ONAN Funky Drive is coming with two 600 watt brushless motors which are supposed to serve riders up to 275 pounds with a speed of 12 to 18 miles per hour and a distance up to 15 miles.

The Mellowboards kit also comes with two in-wheel motors but promises up to 24 mph and a grade up to 20 degrees.

We will review both electric skateboard conversation kits once they are available.

The Mellowboards kit is now shipping to the first customers, where some of them are waiting since 2015 when the Kickstarter project launched.

The X3 ONAN is supposed to ship end of April 2017. So only a few days to go.

Look for more data and updated pricing at the websites from the manufacturers:

Mellowboard: www.mellowboards.com

X3 Onan: http://www.electro-longboard.de


Today will have a closer look at the Evolve Carbon GT in our Electric Skateboard Test. Some fans think about it as the Ferrari of electric skateboards. Evolve has 2 models, which both have a street as well as a all-terrain setup.

In our Evolve Carbon GT test we were focussing on the all-terrain setup.

While the Evolve Bamboo, like most electric skateboards, comes with a deck out of wood where the battery is mounted, the Evolve Carbon GT has an integrated battery.

Electric Skateboard Test
Electric Skateboard Test

The battery can be changed for maintenance, but it is not just swapping the battery like with some other electric skateboards. In our Evolve Carbon GT mode the battery lasted about 13 miles in FAST mode.

The motor gives you 3,000 watt of power, which accelerates the twin brushless motor up to 27 miles an hour. The lithium ion battery charges in 4-5 hours and should bring you about 25 mils in distance.

Evolve Carbon GT Test
Evolve Carbon GT Test

The Evolve Carbon GT is good for riders up to 220 pounds and is able to ride 25 degrees uphill.

Evolve Carbon GT Test: remote control

The remote control of the Evolve Carbon GT feels good in your hand and the color LCD display tells you about speed, battery power and distance. You can also configure your Carbon GT trough the remote control (e.g. type of wheels).

In our Evolve Carbon GT test we had unfortunately some connectivity issues with the remote. The German Evolve distributor sent us a new remote control and since than we had no issues anymore. Good service.

Evolve Carbon GT Display
Evolve Carbon GT Display

If you ever lose the remote connection while you ride, please be careful, do not push for full power when this happens or it will pull you from the board once its re-connect. Especially when you are in FAST or GT mode.

You can choose 4 different speed settings on your Evolve Carbon GT remote control. SLOW (up to 3 miles per hour) is just to get familiar when you ride the board the first time or want your kids play with it. ECO (up to 12 miles per hour) promises the longest distance and is a good speed for carving.

Evolve Carbon GT remote control
Evolve Carbon GT remote control

With 30 minutes of training you should be able to use the FAST mode (up to 21 mph), but the GT mode (up to 27 mph) is only for professionals.

However, if you want to go uphill you will need the FAST mode or sometimes even the GT mode.

The possibility to change between street and all-terrain setup is a big plus. There are Street and All-Terrain kits available which come not only with the wheels, but also with a belt. It takes you just 15 minutes to change the setup.

Evolve Carbon GT engine
Evolve Carbon GT engine

There is also an app available for the Evolve boards, but it doesn’t connect to the board and is only tracking your trips. This is disappointing. We wished the app would be able to read data directly from the board, such like charging cycles, over all distance, average speed, etc. We are also missing to possibility to configure the board from the app, such like you can do from the remote control. Let’s hope there will be an app update soon.


The Evolve Carbon GT does not come cheap, but is convincing with power and design as well as the flexibility to change the wheels depending on where you want to ride. The app and remote control need some improvements though.

for price vs. performance

for quality & design

for flexibility

for remote control & app support

for speed & acceleration

Manufacturer Link: Evolve Skateboards: www.evolveskateboards.com

Evolve Carbon GT Test Video:

Evolve Carbon GT Testfahrt vimeo play


Today we will have closer look at electric skateboard wheels. We divide between wheels for street, all-terrain and off-road.

electric skateboard street wheels
electric skateboard street wheels

A few electric skateboards offer to switch between street and all-terrain wheels, which gives you great flexibility. For other skateboards you have to decide before you buy it.

electric skateboard all terrain wheels
electric skateboard all terrain wheels

You should think about where you will ride your electric skateboard most of the times and even if it is on a street, check how the surface is.

electric skateboard offroad-wheels
electric skateboard offroad-wheels

Once you know where you will ride your electric skateboard, you can choose the right wheels and pick the right board which works best for you. Most of the people ride 80% of the time at similar spots. I have seen dudes who just wanted street wheels (as it is cool), but ended up carrying their board half of the time.

Electric Skateboard Wheels Test

We are using following rating in the electric skateboard wheels test.

= very good

= good

= soso

= bad

= very bad

On the street

Streets are not all the same. If you have the perfect surface on a street or parking place street wheels are probably your right choice. They give you better feeling for the board and you can make smarter moves. However, a lot of times the street surface is not perfect and has wholes, small stones or dirt. In this case you better ride with all-terrain wheels. Of course you can also ride with Off-Road wheels on a street, but the fun factor is pretty low.

electric skateboard street
electric skateboard street

for street wheels.

for all-terrain wheels.

for off-road wheels.

On Gravel Roads

If you have a very good road you might be able to use your street wheels, but it is highly likely that you will have a better experience with all-terrain wheels.

electric skateboard on gravel roads
electric skateboard on gravel roads

for street wheels.

for all-terrain wheels.

for off-road wheels.

On forrest roads

Once you go into the forrest it is finally time to switch to all-terrain or off-road wheels.

electric skateboard on forrest roads
electric skateboard on forrest roads

for street wheels.

for all-terrain wheels.

for off-road wheels.

On cobblestone roads

Now it is getting tough. No way for street wheels and even with all-terrain wheels you will have a hard time due to string vibrations.

electric skateboard on cobblestone roads
electric skateboard on cobblestone roads

for street wheels.

for all-terrain wheels.

for off-road wheels.

On the beach

If you want to ride your electric longboard on the beach only off-road wheels will be able to handle it …

electric skateboard on the beach
electric skateboard on the beach

for street wheels.

for all-terrain wheels.

for off-road wheels.