Maxfind Max C review

Looking for something easy to carry? Check out our Maxfind Max C review.

The one thing all the great and fast Boards have in common is how big and heavy they are. Meant just for riding, not for carrying it on the train or taking them with you while traveling, that’s totally okay, but that’s where all the new small electric cruiser boards step in.

Maxfind Max C review
Maxfind Max C review

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Onewheel Nosedive – Onewheel Crash

When you read about an Onewheel Crash you will hear a lot about the Onewheel Nosedive. The motor would shut down for a moment which in almost 100% of the times results into a crash.

Some people sold their Onewheel or Onewheel+ because they are not willing to take this risk anymore. Others believe that it mainly depends on the skills of the rider and that each new sport / technology has its risks in early days.

Onewheel Nosedive
Onewheel Nosedive

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DIY electric skateboard / DIY electric longboard Tutorial

Introduction for building an DIY electric skateboard / DIY electric Longboard by Nicolas Nostheide.


This article is addressed to all readers which are interested in building an DIY electric skateboard, but also for all people which just want to know how an electric skateboard basically works.

For the sake of simplicity I wouldn’t like to go into detail too much but you should have a basic knowledge about electronics.

I want to emphasize once more that electric skateboards are not toys. Especially the handling with electronics can be very dangerous.

Introduction: DIY electric skateboard

An electrical skateboard consists of six components besides the actual longboard. The following article will go into each of those six components:

TRACK1 by Flux Design Co.

The Track1 by Flux Design Co is kind of an extreme off-road electric skateboard. It is supposed to manage ANY terrain. This includes street, sand, snow and dirt.

It looks a little bit like a tank, but hey, so far we have not seen an electric skateboard for snow and water.

It is available for pre-order from November 2017 and delivery in late 2018.

Track1 - extreme off-road eSk8
Track1 – extreme off-road eSk8

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