How to build a DIY Electric Skateboard (Do It Yourself) without using a ready to buy conversion kit like from Mellowboards or Onan?

We meet Nico from Berlin at the E-Boarder Meeting in Berlin Tempelhof in April 2017. He came by with his DIY Electric Skateboard which made 32 mph on the runway.

Elektric Skateboarder Nico
Elektric Skateboarder Nico with his DIY Electric Skateboard

He sent us some pictures and a component list for his DIY conversion kit. You have to pay about 320 to 420 USD depending on the battery power. In addition you need a board (which you probably have) and to pay for the 3D printing, which is inexpensive as you can read in our Hyperboard article.

DIY electric skateboard
DIY electric skateboard based on a Loaded Longboard

Nico was kind enough to share his DIY electric skateboard – component list, which gives you exact details which parts he used. The list is in German, but should still be self explaining.

For a brushless outrunner motor with 1,885 watt you have to pay about 80 USD und for the batteries depending on the performance 50-150 EUR. Nico build the batteries, so that they can be easily replaced.

electric skateboard battery packs
DIY electric skateboard battery packs

In addition your need some mechanical parts for your own conversion kit. You will find the details in the list above.

Remote control

The remote control is printed in a 3D Printer and has next to the transmitter an OLED LCD display as well as switches to control the speed of your board. We had the chance to ride Nico’s longboard at the E-Boarder Meeting and it is very well accelerating and makes (as said above) 32 mph. This is pretty fast.

electric skateboard remote control
electric skateboard remote control

You will find more pics of Nico’s board in our ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD PICTURES section and a video from the E-Boarder meeting in our VIDEOS section. Just look for the fastest board 😉

You can actually contact Nico through his Facebook Page at He was kind enough to offer that you can ask questions.

Thanks a lot, Nico!!