ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS – Which boards are out there?


Which electric skateboards are out there? Please find a list of the different manufacturers here.

electric skateboards
electric skateboards

There are all kind of different electric skateboards on the market. Starting from the huge Mo-Bo Skateboard all the way to extensions to your existing skateboard or the Onewheel+.

Which one is the right for you? Well, it is up to you and where you want to ride your electric skateboard.


Evolve Skateboards: www.evolveskateboards.com

Electro Longboard Berlin: http://www.electro-longboard.de

Mobo Skateboards Germany: www.mo-bo.de

Boosted Boards: www.boostedboards.com

OneWheel: www.onewheel.com

MetroBoard: www.metro-board.com

Fiik Skateboards: www.fiikelectricskateboards.com

MellowBoards: www.mellowboards.com

Acton Boards: www.actonglobal.com

Inboard Skateboards: www.inboardtechnology.com

Yuneec Boards Deutschland: www.yuneec.com

Marbel Boards: www.marbelboards.com

ZBoard: www.zboardshop.com

Stary Electric Board: www.stary.io

Leif eSnowboard: www.leiftech.com

If you think we have missed an electric skateboard, please send us an email. We are sure, there are more out and it will become more every day …

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